VF100X AI based Face & Fingerprint Attendance and access control System for Smart Office
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VF100X AI based Face & Fingerprint Attendance and access control System for Smart Office
  • 10/08/2023 2:51 pm
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Unveiling the Future: Elevate Your Office Attendance System with VF100X AI-Based Face & Finger Attendance Systems

In the fast-paced business world, the importance of attendance tracking cannot be overemphasized. As the business evolves, so do the tools to support their growth. Our revolutionary VF100X AI-based face and fingerprint system goes beyond traditional methods by combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched convenience. In this comprehensive research, we consider different aspects of time and engagement, explaining how it can improve performance management and take your office to the next level for the future.

Embracing Innovation: The Core Essence of VF100X

At the heart of our VF100X system is the harmony of intelligence and biometric authentication. Unlike traditional time and attendance systems that rely on encrypted input, our system uses a combination of facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. This combination of technologies not only improves security, but also simplifies the entire onboarding process, reduces errors and increases productivity.

Seamless Integration: Redefining User Experience

Gone are the days of struggling with complex setups and setups. The VF100X system is designed with the customer’s preferences first. Its seamless integration with existing office ecosystems ensures a seamless implementation. With a great user experience, employees can easily save their biometric data for quick access to time and attendance. The beautiful combination of technology and efficiency creates a workplace where time is spent more on productivity than management.

Decoding the Unrivaled Accuracy

The accuracy of the VF100X system is the foundation of reliability. The face recognition system uses the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques to analyze the identity of the face for accurate recognition. At the same time, the index finger measures the hard tread pattern, making it more stable. The combination of these technologies provides time and attendance at a price accuracy previously thought unattainable.

Fortifying Data Security: Our Commitment

Security breaches can be devastating for any organization. Knowing this, the VF100X system uses the best data encryption and storage protocol. Biometric information, which is proof that the person is unique, is handled with great precision. Our commitment to protecting this data goes beyond physical devices to include digital security measures that follow industry best practices.

A Visionary Outlook: Envisioning the Future

Looking beyond the horizon of office management, the VF100X system can address not only attendance tracking, but also employee management on a large scale. Increase efficiency with accurate attendance data to improve resource allocation, scheduling forecasts and increase overall productivity. The VF100X system goes beyond its purpose as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Elevate Your Office Experience Today

In the class of great working technology, the face and fingerprint time attendance of the intelligence-based VF100X is a testament to human intelligence. Here is the future embodied in a system that bridges the gap between innovation and need. Improve your office experience today with the VF100X system, where precision meets performance and your employees experience the latest technology.


  • Category : Cloud (Mobile App) Based Attendance Solutions


  • Specification of VF100X AI-based Face & Finger Attendance System:
  • User Capacity: Standard 300 Face (1:N) & 1000 Finger Users Capacity
  • Speed: Less than 0.3 Second
  • Accuracy Rate : ≥99%
  • Lighting Compatible: 0.1 Lux ~ 10,000 Lux
  • Record Capacity: 150,000
  • Working Distance: 0.3 – 2 Meter
  • Authentication : Face, Finger +Face, Finger/Face, ID +Pin
  • Screen: Industry 2.8 inch, Resolution 240*320 Pixel
  • Keyboard: 16 Key Capacitive Keyboard
  • Attendance: Interval, Work Status, Work Code
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Processor: Dual-core 1GHZ
  • Enrolment : 3 Methods Like Device, Web Application & Mobile App
  • Storage: EMMC Flash 8Gbytes
  • Interface: Built-in Wifi, USB, Exit Door
  • Power: DC 12V 1.5A
  • Working Environment : -10°C ~ 45°C, Humidity< 95%
  • Dimension : 122*150*22.8mm
  • Weight: 0.3 Kg

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