M2000 Face Recognition Attendance System for Large Enterprise
M2000 Face Recognition Attendance System for Large Enterprise
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M2000 Face Recognition Attendance System for Large Enterprise
M2000 Face Recognition Attendance System for Large Enterprise
  • 07/08/2023 3:47 pm
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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M2000 Face Recognition Based Attendance System for Large Enterprise

The beast for Attendance with Face, Finger, Card and Keyboard

Key Features and Benefits:
1. Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication
The M2000 leverages advanced multi-modal biometric technology, combining face recognition, fingerprint scanning, and keyboard input to provide a robust and secure authentication process. This tri-modal approach significantly minimizes the chances of identity fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can record their attendance.

2. Real-Time Data Syncing
The system’s cloud-based architecture enables real-time data syncing, allowing HR managers and supervisors to access attendance data from anywhere, anytime. This feature enhances remote workforce management, especially in the context of today’s hybrid work models.

3. Accurate Time Tracking
Equipped with highly accurate biometric sensors, the M2000 ensures precise time tracking down to the second, leaving no room for discrepancies or time theft. This level of accuracy contributes to improved payroll processing and fair compensation for employees.

4. Automated Reporting
Gone are the days of manual report generation. The M2000 automates the process of generating comprehensive attendance reports, saving valuable time for HR teams and enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks.

5. User-Friendly Interface
Navigating and using the M2000 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Minimal training is required for employees to familiarize themselves with the system, reducing implementation time and associated costs.

Use Cases
The M2000 finds applications across various industries and organizational setups, including:

1. Corporate Offices
Streamline attendance management in corporate offices with large employee populations. The M2000’s speed and accuracy cater to the dynamic nature of office environments.

2. Educational Institutions
Ensure accurate attendance tracking in schools and universities, simplifying the process for teachers and administrators alike.

3. Manufacturing Facilities
Enhance security and efficiency in manufacturing units, where time-sensitive operations require punctual attendance.

4. Healthcare Facilities
Improve workforce management in hospitals and clinics, ensuring seamless shifts and precise record-keeping for medical personnel.


  • Category : Biometric Access Control System


  • Processor : 1 Ghz High Speed Digital Processor
  • User Capacity : 4000 Users(Upgradable to 15000 users)
  • Record Capacity : 200,000
  • Security Photo : 200,000
  • Lighting : 30,000 Lux
  • Verification : Face, ID +Face, Card +Face, Card/Face, Face +Finger, Card +Face+
  • Finger, Finger, Card, Card +Photo
  • Speed : Less than 1 second
  • Sensor : Specialized Dual Sensor
  • RFID : Standard EM, Optional Mifare
  • Communication : LAN, Wifi, USB Host, Weigand Output, Push to Server, Optional Weigand Input, Optional 3G, 4G
  • Attendance : Photo ID/Scheduled Bell/Work Status/Work Code/Daylight Saving
  • Security : Relay Output/Door Sensor/Exit Button/Removal Alarm/Door Sensor Alarm/Rejection Alarm
  • LCD : 3.5 inch TFT Screen
  • Keypad : 4*4 Touch Keypad
  • Power : 12V DC
  • Working Distance : 30cm-80cm
  • Working Temperature : 0°C-50°C
  • Working Humidity : 20% -80%
  • Battery Back-Up : Optional
  • Certification : CE, FCC Class A, ROHS
  • Technology : Facial + Fingerprint + RFID
  • Application : Time Attendance, Stand Alone Access Controller, Weigand Reader
  • Market Segment : Medium to Large
  • Industry : Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Financial, Financial,
  • Education, Healthcare & Government
  • Memory : 256M DDR + 4G TF
  • Camera :Visible & IR Camera

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